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Pomona Hope

The mission of Pomona Hope is to bring hope, peace, and well being to the city through engaging in community organizing, serving the people by providing educational opportunities, and working for neighborhood transformation.

Case Studies

SplinterRock works with enterprise, mid-size and small business clients. We thought it would be helpful to provide a few examples of how some of our business clients utilize technology and what the earning potential would be for a referring non profit such as Pomona Hope.

Case 1: Large Car Rental Company

This large enterprise operates about 7,000 stores throughout the United States. Utilizing SplinterRock for local and long distance phone services would generate around $350,000 every month for Pomona Hope.

Case 2: Enterprise Mortgage Lender

This larger enterprise utilizes approximately 2400 cellular devices (cell phones and pdas). A purchase of this size would generate around $150,000 in one-time commission and several thousand dollars every month for Pomona Hope.
$150,000 one time + $2,000/month

Case 3: Municipality

This city was shopping for new wireless Internet service for it's 240 police cars. This purchase would generate around $10,000 in one-time commission and several hundred dollars every month for Pomona Hope.
$10,000 one time + $300/month

Case 4: Mid-size Retailer

This enterprise operates six high traffic e-commerce web stores. A purchase of managed server services which operate these websites would generate about $700 every month for Pomona Hope.

Case 5: Startup Travel Company

This startup company runs a web-based travel business and owns their own web server equipment. A one rack colocation purchase would generate around $50 dollars every month for Pomona Hope.

Case 6: Micro Call Center

This small call center required a VoIP based call center solution to empower its 10 support employees to work from home. This purchase would generate approximately $50 dollars every month for Pomona Hope.

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