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Free Technology Expense Analysis

Are you paying too much for your technology services? Are your current vendors living up to their promises? In our experience, most businesses pay too much for too little when it comes to their technology services.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Free Technology Expense Analysis. Even if you believe that you currently have the best prices possible, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results of our analysis. We typically find 30%-70% savings even for customers who firmly believe they have the most cost effective solutions in place. And we offer this service free of charge with no obligation to buy.

How Does This Service Work?

  1. Consultation
    We will consult with you to better understand your current services, business challenges, future technology needs and selection criteria.
  2. Information Collection
    Fax your bills to us at 815-572-9299. If your service is steady month-to-month, your most recent bill is sufficient. If your bills fluctuate significantly, then please include bills from multiple months so we can get a more complete picture of your situation.
  3. Expense Analysis
    We will research your options pulling from solutions offered by over 200 quality vendors. We will focus our recommendation around your priorities which may include vendor preferences, price, SLA, vendor reputation, features, etc.
  4. Presentation
    We will present our recommendation to you including new projected monthly expenses, transition costs and an explanation of all services and vendors we are recommending to you. We may provide one or multiple alternatives to consider depending on your situation. Our goal is to provide you all the information you need to take advantage of the opportunities available to you.
  5. Discussion
    Technology can be complicated so there is often some back and forth between steps 3 and 4 until everyone is satisfied with a solution strategy.
  6. Implementation Planning
    We will work with your team to plan an implementation strategy. We recognize that your business relies on these services everyday and we want to make sure transition happens as smoothly as possible.
  7. Implementation
    We will work with your team to accurately order new services and/or adjust current services. If you need implementation assistance, we will recommend consultants as part of our evaluation.
  8. Billing
    Your vendors will bill your services directly. We are available to help review and clarify your initial bills with your vendors.
  9. Support
    Your vendors will support your services directly. We are available to help escalate support issues and work with you to adjust your services as your business grows.

What We Need From You

  1. Basic information about your current services including whether those services are in or out of contract term.
  2. Willingness from you to sign Letters of Agency where appropriate. This allows us to act as your sales reps with your current vendors to effect and manage service changes on your behalf.
  3. An open mind to seriously consider our recommended solutions.

Free Service Eligibility

This service is available free of charge to organizations whose monthly technology expenses exceed $500/month. This requirement is waived for non-profit organizations.

Businesses spending less than the minimum may purchase an expense analysis at our regular consulting rates.

For more information regarding our service offerings, contact us at 800-884-7715 or request a free consultation online.

To speak with one of our consultants about a specific application or to learn more about our services, please contact us by phone or through our web contact form:
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