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Bresee Foundation

The Bresee Foundation is a non-profit organization that is a source of faith, hope and service to one of the poorest and most densely populated communities in Los Angeles County. Bresee works to build a stronger, healthier, safer community for area residents by providing them with access to important resources and services and empowering them with the knowledge and skills to improve their lives.

Program Overview

The SplinterRock Non-profit Affinity Program utilizes business technology purchases as a powerful and innovative fundraising source for non-profits like Bresee Foundation.

How It Works

  1. Bresee Foundation refers a business customer to SplinterRock
  2. SplinterRock consults with the business and works to match the business with the best technology vendor solutions.
  3. If the business chooses one of these solutions, the vendor pays a percentage of the service cost to SplinterRock on a monthly basis for as long as the business uses these services.
  4. SplinterRock pays 30% of its commission to Bresee Foundation as a referral commission every month.

What Makes This Program Unique

  • Businesses benefit from SplinterRock's consulting services free of charge.
  • Businesses can contribute to Bresee Foundation without paying anything more out of pocket and they usually save 30% to 70% on their monthly bills in the process.
  • Businesses can shop from a wide variety of quality telecommunications vendors.
  • Businesses maintain direct relationships with their selected vendors.
  • This program generates unrestricted, monthly recurring revenue for Bresee Foundation.
  • Since businesses spend a great deal of money on technology services every month, commissions can be substantial.

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