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The SplinterRock Non-Profit Affinity Program

Partnering With Non-Profits to Develop Unrestricted, Recurring Revenue
Non profit fundraising program for schools, churches, sports teams and charities Empower your business support base to give through technology purchases
Businesses save money, benefit from quality services and give more to your organization with no additional out-of-pocket costs
Your non-profit can benefit from free consulting and can receive money back on services
Recurring revenue can be acquired quickly and is paid monthly

Program Overview

As a non-profit, maintaining a revenue stream of donations, grants and government funding is a constant challenge. Shifts in the economy and government policy can have severe impacts on your operating budget. Because of this, many non-profits are now seeking alternative sources of revenue to support their operations.

Non-profits are now commonly joining with the business sector in search of new revenue streams. The Affinity programs offered by some merchants and credit card companies is one example of these efforts.

The SplinterRock Affinity Program works in much the same way as these other programs. A service is bought and sold and a percentage is paid to the non-profit as a referral commission.

What Makes This Program Unique:

  • Our services are business to business and typically generate monthly recurring revenue
  • Our services are key to every business and they spend a great deal of money on them every month
  • Businesses can contribute to your non-profit without paying anything more out of pocket. In fact, they often end up saving money in the process!
  • Your non-profit can also directly benefit from any number of our technology offerings, including broadband or wireless Internet, traditional and Internet phone, conferencing and networking, and receive a recurring referral commission back on these purchases.
  • Revenue can be acquired quickly, usually within two months of a purchase

The program is designed to be a win-win solution for everyone. We help you and other organizations you know find the right technology providers, and you receive recurring income on any purchases made.

For more information about the program, read on:

The SplinterRock Business Model

SplinterRock is a consulting and technology brokerage firm specializing in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by understanding and assessing current and future needs and developing recommendations based on our findings. We typically work with a number of world-class vendors to present multiple options to our clients for consideration. We strive to find the best fit for our clients.

Typically, this type of analysis is quite expensive, but we are able to provide these services to our clients at no charge. We are able to do this because of the relationships we have with our vendors.

In exchange for bringing business to them, our vendors pay us monthly commissions based on what our customers purchase. Because commissions tend to be fairly standard across vendors, we can be objective and independent in our recommendations. In other words, our vendors pay us to help our customers find the right solutions. And now, via our Affinity Program for Non-Profits, they are paying us to help raise money for your charitable work as well. We are very, very pleased to present your organization with this opportunity!

As mentioned previously, commissions tend to be fairly standard but can vary depending on a number of variables. We are happy to disclose commission rates on vendor proposals so that our business client can weigh this along with other decision-making criteria. All other considerations being equal, a vendor paying higher commissions will bring more money to your non-profit.

SplinterRock is not a service provider. We provide consulting services and act as a broker between the business customer and the actual vendor. Once an order is placed, the client will work directly with vendor to install and support services. SplinterRock will continue to support the business customer with consulting services and is prepared to help facilitate the vendor support process if needed.

Our Value to Businesses

Many small businesses cannot afford a technology consultant. Now they can benefit from a team of experienced professionals at no cost.

  • We shop the market for the best solutions
  • We listen to our customer's needs and match them with the best solutions
  • We then leverage our relationship to get them the best possible pricing
  • We can help them save money by looking for opportunities to consolidate services
  • We help our customers evaluate vendor quotes
  • We steer them away from common pitfalls
  • We leverage our relationship with the vendors to get our clients the best service and support after purchase
  • We continue to work with our customers as they grow

For businesses with their own IT staff, SplinterRock consultants can play a more passive role:

  • The business's IT and procurement staff can communicate directly with vendors and manage the entire sales process
  • The business can apply the same leverage to the vendors during the negotiation process as they would through the direct sales channels and can expect the same price discounts
  • We continue to build vendor relationships to ensure that businesses are not restricted in their vendor selection

For all businesses:

  • All contracts are between the business customer and the vendor directly
  • We work with the business to help maximize PR exposure
  • We help coordinate partnerships between the business and nonprofit(s)

Vendors and Services We Represent

At this time SplinterRock has relationships with over 200 vendors offering a wide range of IT and Telecommunication services. Our providers include but are not limited to:

  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • Telepacific
  • Covad
  • Qwest
  • T-Mobile
  • Cingular
  • Nextel
  • Level 3
  • Rackspace
  • XO

Our Services Include

  • Broadband (T1 & DSL)
  • Wireless broadband, WiFI & WiMax
  • Private Networks
  • Traditional Phone Service
  • VoIP Phone Service
  • SIP Trunking
  • Hosted PBX
  • Wireless Service
  • Wireless Applications
  • Colocation Hosting
  • Managed Server Hosting
  • Hosted MS Exchange
  • Phone Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Managed Equipment
  • Network Security
  • IT Consulting
  • Network Cabling

Our Target Market

Our target market is any medium to large sized business operating within United States territory. Since our business model is based on a percentage of sales, we invest most heavily in large opportunities.

Ideal businesses include:

  • Call centers or telemarketing companies
  • Businesses with multiple locations across the country
  • Businesses with a large web site presence
  • Businesses with cellular plans for employees
  • Businesses interested in switching to VoIP phone systems

that spend $500/month or more on their telecommunications services.

How Your Non-profit Can Earn Recurring Revenue

Basically, the program works in this manner:

  • You connect SplinterRock with any businesses in your support network that are interested in technology support or services
  • We work with interested businesses to find services that fit their business through providers in our network
  • If the business chooses one of these solutions, the vendor pays a percentage of the service cost to SplinterRock on a monthly basis
  • SplinterRock will then pay a share of this income to your non-profit

30% of the amount received by SplinterRock will be paid back to your non-profit on a monthly basis. This usually works out to be around 4% of the monthly service charge from a sale. As long as SplinterRock is paid a commission, the non-profit will continue to receive a referral commission. A non-profit can usually expect to see revenue two to three months after a sale occurs and will continue to receive a percentage of this revenue as long as the customer continues to be serviced by the vendor.

Your non-profit can also earn money back on its own services. Let SplinterRock review your services! We can help you save money and plus pay you your referral commission.

We want other non-profits to benefit as well. If you refer another non-profit to this program, we will give your non-profit a 5% override on any business brought in through your non-profit referral.

How Much Your Non-profit Can Earn

  • Your organization can make 30% of SplinterRock commissions for any business you refer
  • Your organization can make 30% of SplinterRock commissions for any services your non-profit utilizes
  • Your organization can make 5% of SplinterRock commissions for any business that a non-profit you refer generates through their network

Making the Program Work For You

Once we have established a relationship we will begin to work together to establish income for your non-profit.

We will begin by building marketing collateral that can be used to communicate the program to your support base

  • We ask you to provide a summary of your non-profit for our website. We will build a page within our web site dedicated to your non-profit that you can reference for your supporters on your web site, within newsletters, etc.
  • We will provide a pdf brochure and email template for you to use in communicating with your support base about the SplinterRock Affinity Program.

While we are developing this material, you may want to have our consultants review your non-profit's technology services. In the process, you will gain a sense of our ethos, process and services. You may also find that there are some new ways for you to save. Going through this helpful process will also help you as you begin recommending our services to supporters in your network.

When approaching your support base, we recommend starting with your Board of Directors. Board members are often well connected and may be able to bring large opportunities to the table on your behalf.

We would then recommend strategically approaching a select few in your support base. Identify those with ownership interest in businesses or other connections to decision makers within business.

We also recommend beginning to refer other non-profits in your network who might benefit from this program to SplinterRock.

At this point you may want to begin opening the program up to your entire support base one segment at a time. Many of your supporters may not have a personal stake in a business but may have friends, neighbors or relatives that do. Will they be willing to advocate for your organization?

Getting Started

We hope we have addressed most of your questions but we would be happy to talk with you about the program and address any additional questions you may have.

To get started, simply complete our short interest form and a SplinterRock representative will contact you within the next few business days to discuss the next steps with you.

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To speak with one of our consultants about a specific application or to learn more about our services, please contact us by phone or through our web contact form:
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